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About Us

Bangladesh’s first and only exclusive skateboard store

DOB SKATESHOP is the first ever skateshop in Bangladesh and this is the only source of the professional skateboard in this whole country. There is no other shop in this country who serves professional skateboards. All the products that we sell are very authentic. We sell all kinds of Skateboards including Longboard, Pennyboards, Nickelboards, Cruiserboard and so on. All kinds of spare parts of skateboard and longboards are available at us. 

We’re working hard to spread the love of skateboarding all over the country. We have the biggest skateboarding community of this country named “Bangladesh Skateboarders Community“.  We offer free 2 hours training after purchasing a skateboard. 

Anyone who is interested is always welcome to our community. 

Make your uphill battle a breeze

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A Belt Drive System

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Our Team

You’ve come to the right place! Skate’s dedicated support and service team is here for you, from diagnosing board issues to answering questions about technical specs–and everything in between. Whether you’re still deciding on a board or have been riding for 2 years, we’ve got your back. Visit our support page or give us a ring at +62 (021) 898999.

About Us