21st June – Go Skateboarding Day

Learn about Go Skateboarding Day

Skate Punk culture is in full bloom, and there are skate parks appearing all over the world as this sport takes on a growing popularity. We thought we had seen it peak with video games and skateboarding greats like Tony Hawk, but that was really just the beginning. Controversy surrounds it, with bumper stickers that carry such slogans as “Skateboarding Isn’t A Crime”. If you’ve never been skateboarding, get on out into the world and start learning the glories of this amazing sport. After all, if you can’t beat them, Go Skateboarding Day is your opportunity to join them.

History of Go Skateboarding Day

Skateboarding is a sport with a long history, starting off with some of the most basic of designs, wooden boxes, and boards with wheels. Originally they were formed from Crate Scooters, which were pretty much exactly what they sounded like, wheels attached to a wooden crate with a pair of rudimentary handlebars. By the time the 1950’s rolled around it had taken on an indelible bond with surf culture, so much so in fact that it was called “sidewalk surfing” and the skaters of that time took to embodying surfers culture without hesitation.

The real revolution for the sport happened in the 1960’s, when skateboarding started taking on a larger and larger following. The first competition was started in 1965, and John Steverson said of this era:

The sport has gotten so incredibly popular in the years that followed, and now more people under 18 have picked up the skateboard than played baseball. That’s a sport come into its prime!

How to Celebrate Go Skateboarding Day

Seriously, do we even need to answer this question? It’s right there in the name, get out there and grab your favorite board and Go Skateboarding on Go Skateboarding Day!

There’s a hundred million different designs, and if you’ve never gone skateboarding this is your best opportunity to start! Check out your local sports stores and find a board that really says ‘you’. Whether you prefer a longboard or a standard one, you’re going to have a great time learning how to speed through your day with this excellent sport.

Don’t forget to wear knee and elbow pads and a helmet, it’s Go Skateboarding Day, not Go To The Hospital Day!